How to reach your Target Audience?

Posted On April 19, 2017

It is cluster clear that the aim of any business is to achieve the target and gain profit. So, the question is, how this will be achieved? And how to make use of the social platforms (social channels) and technology as it is the trend nowadays?


Importance of Visual Content: “Instagram”

Posted On April 24, 2017

Instagram users tend more to engage with the posts of the brands. Furthermore, the Instagram users may act, like, comment, or share more in compare to the users of Facebook and twitter.

free or premium.jpg

Free or Premium WordPress Theme: What to Go For?

Posted On April 30, 2017

Many people get confused while creating a website, especially when choosing the WordPress theme. Should they go for “free” or “premium” one? So, in this article, iCONS will tackle the pros and cons of each one of them.

importance of snapchat.jpg

5 Reasons Your Business should be on Snapchat

Posted On May 02, 2017

Whatever the type of services or products you provide, Snapchat will work well for you. It’s that image messaging application which users’ have grown rapidly by 50 million daily active users in 2016.


Every Thing You Need to Know about Bitcoin

Posted On May 04, 2017

Bitcoin the first decentralized digital currency is also called as the virtual currency and crypto-currency. The world is getting digitized. Now you can pay for anything you need with the Bitcoins which you have in your digital wallet in your mobile device. So, it doesn’t have a physical presence, it’s an electronic currency.


How to Choose Your Company Logo?

Posted On May 08, 2017

Nowadays it becomes vital for every business to dig into the digital market, to present their work online, and to grab the audience attention with an attractive logo design. So, you’d probably need to hire a graphic designer in order to provide you the right logo design that fits your business.


Five Types of Logos that you Need to Know

Posted On September 20, 2017

If you own a company and need to create a logo for your business then you first need to define which logo design fits you better and that’s why Icons is providing this article which tackles the logo five different kinds.


Infographics: It can change the Scope of Digital Marketing Strategy

Posted On April 24, 2017

It is vital to take all the possible means that help in boosting and branding your business. However, the Infographics are an important factor that shall be given a higher priority while posting and blogging your posts or articles on the social media channels.


Why Social Campaigns are the trend nowadays?

Posted On May 02, 2017

As we all agree that social media channels are the dominant trend nowadays and also any corporate or company uses these channels to be able to reach their target audience immediately. So, it is cluster clear that any business will go for social media campaigns to promote their business.


Significance of Colors and How to use it in Logos

Posted On May 04, 2017

Of course, each brand or company seeks to leave unforgettable mark in the minds of their audience to make them remember the brand and the delivered service. Such “unforgettable” mark can be achieved via simple ways.


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