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Many people get confused while creating a website, especially when choosing the WordPress theme. Should they go for “free” or “premium” one?

So, in this article, iCONS will tackle the pros and cons of each one of them.

Free WordPress Theme


  • It’s free! It’s a totally free WordPress theme, and what is better than getting a free professional WordPress theme?
  • The Free WordPress themes; in the official WordPress directory; undergo a theme review process in which it gets tested before being adding in the directory,
  • Those free WordPress themes got build by professional talented developers who aim to provide high-quality themes in order to get approved in the official directory.


  • You will not be able to get the support you need as the developers of WordPress free theme are not committed to answering your queries. Though, they provide support forums,
  • You’ll not get the extra WordPress theme features such as buttons creation, shortcodes, landing page creation, etc,
  • Your WordPress theme design will be a commonly used one which means that it won’t be a unique theme design,
  • No warranties.

Premium WordPress Theme


  • It’s premium! So, it provides more features, functionality, and customization options such as shortcodes, drag and drop page builders, various layouts, and templates,
  • As for the support system, the professional theme shops give an access to their documentation support system in order to provide you with the help whenever needed,
  • It’s a unique theme design.


  • Premium WordPress theme doesn’t go through a theme review process which means that some of it may not be as perfect as you think,
  • Developers want to sell their themes, so they keep adding unnecessary features to the theme which you may never use; it only makes your website slow.

If you’re still confused, then, we think that you need to first define your needs and requirements. If you’re creating a personal website, the free WordPress theme may fit you. However, if you’re creating a business website, then the premium one may suits you more.