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Nowadays it becomes vital for every business to dig into the digital market, to present their work online, and to grab the audience attention with an attractive logo design.

So, you’d probably need to hire a graphic designer in order to provide you the right logo design that fits your business.

Here, iCONS will give you guides that you need to consider while choosing your company logo design.

  • First of all, make sure that you and consistently your graphic designer are totally understanding the company personality and identity and therefore you’ll be able to clearly define the message that you want to convey through the logo,
  • Fonts and Colors as we’ve tackled before are one of the main aspects while designing a logo. For instance, studies have found that fonts have a great impact on the credibility of the text and that every single color has its own effect on the customers. For example, red is a peppy and energetic color, blue evokes professionalism and smartness, while purple reflects creativity and intelligence,
  • Also, you should take a look at your competitors’ logos, know how they think, the concept they abide, and try to invent a unique logo design,
  • Now and after creating the logo ask your family, friends, and coworkers about their opinion and whether the logo is really conveying the message that you’re working on.

After choosing the logo, view it in its original colors and in black and white as some designs will require using the logo in black and white.