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Of course, each brand or company seeks to leave unforgettable mark in the minds of their audience to make them remember the brand and the delivered service. Such “unforgettable” mark can be achieved via simple ways. The first thing comes from “catching” the eye or in other words, the importance of visual aids. That’s why, it is high time to be too cautious while creating your “Logo”. It is the first thing that will give the customer an impression about you and of course it will last longer and will define your identity. So, choosing the colors of your logo is totally crucial. Let’s see the significance of each color:

  1. Blue: Blue color is a widely used color in corporate bodies or organization as it indicates professionalism, success, authority, and calmness. Taking for example, the logos of IBM, Samsung, Ford, HP, and many other popular brands that use blue color in their logos to show integrity,
  2. Purple: is a significance of royalty and luxury. In other words, it is the color of the “elitists”. However, you can find the purple color in brands like: Cadbury, FedEx, Yahoo, Craigslist, and many others,
  3. Red: This color indicates energy, strength, passion, exciting, and love. We can say that it is popular in food brands. For instance, Red Bull, KFC, Hardees, Heinz, Coca Cola, and many others,
  4. Black: If you are searching for power, authority, and elegance, Black is what fits your purpose. For instance, adidas, Chanel, Puma, BlackBerry, and many others.

The previous was just a hint that shows the significance of each color which will help you will creating your own logo.