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As we all know that social media channels and especially the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are a common technology (applications) these days. Also, it is cluster clear that most of businesses go online and are on the social channels to promote and boost their brand via reaching their target audience. That’s why, it becomes vital to prove the online “presence” of the brand via communicating and reacting with the audience. Also, there are the paid campaigns that help more in specifying the target audience, their interests, location, age, etc. This definitely will help in selecting “who” will get benefit from your services/products.

Today, iCONS will tackle the customized social media buttons and how it may help in boosting your business.

  • In your website, brochure, blog, etc., there must be social media follow and share buttons. This shall refer to your social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, etc. By adding “Follow and Share” buttons, you will increase the number of your followers. However, the audience will have an impression that you are aware of the technological updates; as you are engaging with them over the various social channels.

So, being online and having your social media channels will pave the way to your business and you will be able to preserve your online market share.

However, as we used to emphasize, you also have to pay more attention to the colors you used in your website, the fonts, the logo, the white space, etc., as every single thing of these small details can make a huge difference. So, it is vital to customize your “follow and share” social media buttons.