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As we tackled before the importance of “visual content” and how it can boost and enhance your business ahead. Besides, mentioning the importance of “Infographics” as a visual aid which is a vital tool for the designers to help the marketers in launching an awesome social posts or campaigns. Today, iCONS will show you a list of free tools or websites that offer free Infographics. Let’s see:

  • This website will provide with a “drag” option that enables you to drag the needed elements to the canvas. You will find a wide range of variable themes and templates. However, you will get an access to a library where you will FFfind lots of arrows, shapes, lines, etc. Not only that, but also you will be able to upload your own graphics,

  • Visually: Here you will find the inspiration you need. So, if you need something creative related to marketing, business, communication, etc., with visually you will find lots of samples. You will be able to create catchy videos, brochures, and presentations,

  • Venngage: What is distinctive about “Venngage” is that the designs are classified into groups like Infographics, reports, posters, promotions, and social. You will be able to unleash your potentials freely to create an awesome design and Infographics.

With the previous tools or websites, you will be able to create creative Infographics that will enhance and develop your business as visual aids are the trend nowadays.