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Technology should be available for everyone. It’s the concept that the Korean startup “Dot” has implemented while inventing the braille smartwatch which enables the visually impaired people to use and enjoy technology as we enjoy it.

Dot Watch enables blind people to do the normal things such as texting and getting to know who is calling them before answering.

There are 285.000.000 visually impaired people who suffer while dealing with technology that we use as simple as taking a nap.

So, Dot Smartwatch - the active braille device - exists.

Dot Watch Features:

  • It connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth then it receives any text and outputs it in braille, so the user can read it in the dark,
  • Also, there are input buttons for the user,
  • The battery lasts for 7 days,
  • The design is simple and modern,
  • It’s an open source system. So, go now and develop more apps to help the blind people live an easier life,
  • It’s affordable. It is only $290 which is amazing.

Visually impaired people, now, can check who is calling, read the text messages, search for a location on Google map, etc.

It’s a life-changing device.