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Origami Style is a paper folding Japanese art that is used in various fields like marketing, logos designs, CVs, and many types of furniture too.

So, if you’re a designer, a marketer, or a business owner who aims to boost his business to reach the vast majority of the potential customers, you ought to know more about the creative and smart ways of marketing and design.

That’s why in the following few lines, iCONS will provide samples of Origami Style:

  • Logos:

The following samples of logos show how much simplicity and creativity origami style can provide.

Here are samples of origami CVs:

  • CVs:

When applying for a job what do you need more than appearing as a creative smart employee? So, get to start with your CV.

Here are samples of origami CVs:

  • Infographics:

As infographics are a better way to deliver the info for the audience, you can optimize it by using origami style which makes it more simple and attractive.

Here are samples of origami infographics:

  • Designs:

Designs that rely on origami style dazzle the eye. So, make sure to choose such designs with attractive colors.

Here are samples of origami Designs: