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First of all, let’s define the importance of having a business card among these whole technology devices around us.

Well, business cards still matter because they make you look more professional. Also, people always forget about the person they’ve talked to about a business situation in a hurry. So, by giving your business card, you guarantee to get a call from that person.

However, it’s not an easy thing to create an attractive business card.

So, here iCONS presents tips for creating a good business card:

  • Choose a design that works with the company identity,
  • Make it simple,
  • Add your company logo,
  • Add your basic contact information only such as your name, your company name, your title, your phone number, your email address, the company website, and the address,
  • Choose a readable but a professional font,
  • As for the material, there are a plenty of business cards materials. However, don’t commit to the ordinary materials and designs.

Check these ideas for creative business card designs: