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On Wednesday, the 27th of September 2017, “Google” the biggest search engine all over the world celebrated its 19th birthday by launching a spinner that you can click on and it’ll randomly stop in one of the 19 games to let you try it.

To try the game search for:Google Birthday Surprise Spinner

It’s popular that Google launches an animated doodle every year in its birthday -which is an unknown day by the way- what makes people confused about Google’s real birthday as Google itself has celebrated it in different 4 days over the years.

Since 2006 Google is celebrating its birthday on the 27th of September but a year before it, Google celebrated it on the 26th of September. Also, in 2004 Google celebrated it on the 7th of September and a year before it, it was on the 8th of September. In addition, the reason behind considering the 27th of September as Google's birthday -over the last 11 years- is because that the first time that Google launched an animated doodle celebrating its birthday was in 27/9/2002 in its 4th birthday.

Moreover, Google was meant to be named “Googol” which refers to 1 followed by one hundred zeroes due to the huge information and number of pages it contains.

Check Google's Birthday Celebration over the years: