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If you are a graphic designer, you of course deal with different clients that everyone of them has his own character which consequently affect how they deal with you. So, iCONS will tell you how to deal with such different clients.

  • Too many Requirements: This client thinks that the designer is a super hero and asks for too many requirements and may be it is illogic at all like the choice of colors, the lots of edits at the last minute of delivering the work, and may be asking repeating the design more than one time. Such clients are afraid of risk that’s why they choose the most traditional designs. So, as a designer you can discuss with the client and tell him to try creative ideas. Also, you shall agree with him upon the number of the edits that can be done. Also, you shall make the client aware of the choice of colors that suit the logo and the company’s identity; and you can help him by showing to him the colors that has a sense of harmony together,
  • The client who has endless Requirements: this client thinks that he owns you 24/7 and there is no vacations. Also, he may call you in a late timing. Besides, the lots of required edits. So, to deal with this client, you shall discuss with him your working hours and the valid number of edits,
  • The client who do not abide the rules of work: this client used to surprise you with the deadlines without a previous agreement. Also, he may be late while paying your fees. That’s why it is important to deal with him first before start working

Share with us –as a graphic designer– how the work process goes between you and the client and how you deal with them?