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In this article, ICONS tackles the new features of Adobe Illustrator 2018

  • Properties Panel

The new Properties Panel gives you faster and easier control to any item you choose. So, whenever you click on that item, the control properties of it will appear in the new menu. For instance, if you drew a shape, typed a text, or placed a photo, the controls of such items will come into view (colors, sizes, effects,). But, in case of not choosing any item, a general control of (artboards, ruler, grids, guides, snapping, and some commonly used preferences) will show up.

  • Puppet Tool

In the latest version of AI, you can control, transform, and modify any vector using this great tool. So, as soon as you put some points on the shape you are working on you’ll be able to adjust it easily.

  • More Artboards

What is really great in adobe illustrator 2018 is the ability to create up to 1000 artboards in one document.

  • Variable Fonts

If you’re into typography, this tool will be your favorite one. The new feature is the OpenType variable fonts will make you able to adjust the font you’re using better whether you’re going to change its weight or width while maintaining its original design.

  • Stylistic Set

Instead of exporting every file that contains glyphs with AI extension in order to reach it anytime, you can now use Asset export panel to drag the glyph you need to save whether it was in a group or an individual glyph, then choose the extension, and click on export, doing this will make you able to reach it easier anytime.

  • Text Management

As a designer, you have a punch of preferred fonts that you use the most. So, in this new version you can mark these fonts by clicking on the star button, thus you can find it easily from the preferred fonts panel.

In the coming articles, ICONS will tackle the features of Adobe software 2018 versions.