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Here it comes to the last software, Adobe InDesign. In the following, ICONS will tackle the most important new feature of Adobe InDesign 2018:

Paragraph Border

Now you can create and design a specific paragraph border for a certain paragraph or for even more than one paragraph. Also, you can add some effects for such border to highlight and focus on the inner paragraph.

Object Size and Position Options

From the object style dialog, size and position options specifically, you can easily modify any object (or multiple objects) size and position across pages.

What’s really great is that you can pick any object size and position using the eyedropper tool. You just need to double-click the eyedropper tool, select transform options and click on the object that you need to apply its size and position to another object.

Add and Share Text Assets

In InDesign 2018, you'll be able to share the text assets you create to Creative Cloud libraries so other users can use it, actually, it will enable you to reuse them in InDesign and Illustrator as well. The amazing thing is that these assets will preserve the style and design you applied to them

Font-Related Features

Searching for fonts has never been easier, the new release of InDesign enables you to filter the fonts search results by font category, for example, Serif, Sans Serif, and so on.

Furthermore, you can filter the fonts that look visually alike.

There are still more features in the new release of Adobe InDesign 2018. Above, ICONS has tackled some of these features.