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It’s Viral Content that can increase the reach and engagement of your posts and thus increase your business profit.

It’s called Viral as it spreads over different social channels as the virus does to software.

Here, ICONS is going to provide some tips for creating a Viral Content:

Make it Touchy:

People tend to engage more with the content that touches their feeling whether it was a positive or a negative feeling.

Provide Practical Value Content

The provided value of your post controls your audience behavior as they commonly engage more with the posts that really provide a practical value or let them know something new.

Add a Sense of Humor:

One of the most things that people engage with is the funny posts. However, it’s one of the most difficult things to provide as if it was less than your audience expectation, it’d make you lose them.

So, before providing this type of content, you need to be aware of your audience personalities.

Provide a Trendy Content:

Stay tuned, be aware of every trend that people are talking about and use it to create a content that fits your business.

Social Currency:

Social Currency refers to the motivation that makes people share your post. So, if it’s going to make them look smart, funny or insider, they’ll no doubt share it. Contrariwise, if it’d make them seem, idiots, they'll never share it.

So, those were some tips to create a Viral Content. However, you don’t have to use all of them in one post but use what fits your idea.