The Three Types of CRM

Posted On October 11, 2018

Previously, we’ve tackled the importance of using CRM software and how does it affect the business revenue and takes part in its growth. If you’re about to start running your work smoothly by implementing a CRM software in your organization. Then, you need to learn more about the three types of CRM so that you’ll be able to define the type that better suits your business.


New SIMPLE CRM Announcement

Posted On September 18, 2018

Whatever your company business filed is, if it requires you to deal with customers then, you no doubt need to start using our SIMPLE CRM –if you’re willing to enhance your customer experience- not just that, as SIMPLE CRM also is crucial to smooth your company internal workflow processes.

Using Keyword Planner..jpg

Importance of Using Keyword Planner

Posted On August 02, 2018

Keyword planner is Google’s tool that you need to use to define the keywords that you should use in your campaigns not just that, as using keyword planner will make you able to choose the competitive bids and the appropriate budget to put in your campaign.

Google AdWords campaign.jpg

Google Adwords Campaign Types

Posted On July 31, 2018

Google AdWords campaign is Google's Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in which people compete on certain keywords in order to appear in Google’s first page of the search results. However, there are two types of Google AdWords campaign.


Google Replace URL Shortener with Firebase Dynamic Links FDL

Posted On June 27, 2018

It all starts back in 2009 when Google launched the familiar URL shortener that we used to share our own links. In addition to that, it was beneficial while measuring the website traffic. However, Google announced that it is going stop working soon as they are launching an alternative the Firebase Dynamic Links “FDL”.


6 Online Photo Editors

Posted On June 13, 2018

Due to the importance of graphic design in businesses nowadays. People always look for easy-to-use online photo editors to help them create the graphic designs they are in need of. So, in the following, ICONS provides 6 online photo editors that you can use to create high-quality designs.


How to Create a Facebook Campaign?

Posted On May 23, 2018

Facebook campaigns are one of the best ways of marketing which is featured by numerous features such as: the ability to target your audience by their location, defining the time of ad appearance, limiting the budget, in addition to the ability to edit the campaign at any time.

CRM (1).png

Why Do You Need to Start Using a Custom CRM?

Posted On May 20, 2018

What is CRM? It’s the initial of Customer Relationship Management and it refers to a system that manages and eases the deal between companies and customers, improves the work efficiency and helps sales persons close more deals.

Using Adwords.jpg

Why Using AdWords While There’s SEO?

Posted On April 29, 2018

If you’re stuck between using AdWords and paying for ads or doing your SEO appropriately for free, then, you absolutely need to read this article. Here, ICONS will show you why you need to pay for Adwords to start playing in the competition.


The 5 Most Used Free SEO Tools that You Need to Know

Posted On April 16, 2018

Search Engine Optimization is essential for your online business as it’s how you can get a high organic rank in the search pages and fortunately, there are some free SEO tools that will help and guide you during the SEO strategy.


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