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It is cluster clear that the aim of any business is to achieve the target and gain profit. So, the question is, how this will be achieved? And how to make use of the social platforms (social channels) and technology as it is the trend nowadays? 

The answer is totally simple. It is all about “marketing” and especially “Digital Marketing”. So, let’s simplify it:

  • Audience/ clients are the core of any business. They are the ones or the factors that ensure the success of any business/ brand. So, as a marketer you shall do your best to engage the target audience.

So, the first step is to set your plan and make your marketing strategy to boost your business and let others know more about it. However, there are certain steps that shall be followed to set your marketing plan/ strategy. These are:

  1. Setting your goals and what you need to achieve (the mission) to be able to start right,
  2. Specifying the personas (Buyer Persona) that you need to contact and target them,
  3. Then, you shall prepare the content (written/ visual) to attract the target audience. Be careful here as what you will tackle and discuss with your audience, will give them an overall image about your business, quality, services, etc. So, focus on the chosen tone of voice that you will use it to engage your target audience,
  4. More importantly, you shall know the interests of the audience, their age, living area, etc. This will help you in being too the point and sharp while “branding” your business.


To boost your business and guarantee an actual success, you shall set your marketing plan well to be able to reach your target audience.