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Designing is all about creativity and innovation by broadening your horizons and unhinging your mind. Great artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Pablo Picasso all had one thing in common; they thought out of the box and that’s what made them the most sought out artists of all times. In today’s fast paced technology world you get to design things on the computer with precision, accuracy and an infinite number of colors. The best known software most commonly used by both amateurs and professionals is the Adobe Photoshop. This easy to use tool can do wonders for you by providing you with all the necessary tools to make the perfect design with complete accuracy and rich colors. Here are some simple tips that both professional and amateur designers should take into account when designing anything.

Be Unique

Uniqueness is an attribute and skill that can take some time to master but once you become good at it you will do wonders with designs. So what is uniqueness in terms of designing? The creative team at 4DGraphix describes it as the ability to think out of the box and coming up with an entirely new design. It’s not that hard once you get a hold of it. What we recommend is that you don’t look at designs created by other people. First give yourself time to think and create a rough image in your mind. Then use a designing tool that you have a complete hang off to convert your thoughts into a tangible rough design.

Inspiration through Old Designs & Sketches

Now that you have created a rough design it’s time to look at some other similar designs created by other people and go through your old designs. You will be amazed at how many singular elements (color scheme, abstract, shapes etc.) you can pick up from looking at other designs. You can use these singular elements as they are or change them to your liking and integrate with your design.

The Color Scheme

One of the best features of any design is the perfect integration of different colors that create the perfect hue and glow. Remember, if you choose your colors poorly, no matter how perfect and precise the design maybe, it won’t have the appeal that people are looking for and you can be sure that all your hard work would be for nothing. Here are some colors along with their characteristics:

Keep Trying

Don’t get your heart down if your design doesn’t click just after one try. Even the best of the best designers with decades of experience have to go through their designs several times to make them perfect and amusable to the audience. The best thing is to keep the design simple so that when you decide to change it at a later stage to make it more appealing you can do it easily. It takes time and several iterations to make the design perfect. Professionals might be able to do it a lot quicker as compared to amateur designers but at the end you will feel amazing just looking at the amazing piece of work you have done. I would like to end this blog post in the great words of Leonardo Da Vinci.



To be a great designer one simply can’t rely on the technical knowledge. There are several things that designers should do to make a perfect design. They need to look at the aesthetics of painting along with introducing certain changes to their technique which include being unique, inspiration through old design and using a strong and bold color scheme. Most of all, practice makes you perfect so keep trying and you will end up with some amazing designs.