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You’ve probably heard the saying ‘Content is King’; the saying describes it all however what you need to understand here is that not all content is king. People tend to spin articles a lot these days and the originality has been completely lost. Good content gets you huge traffic provided, it is meaningful, engaging and up to date. Here are some very basic tips that every content writer should follow to the get the maximum output:

Do Your Research

One of the most important aspect of any content writing activity is research. Remember that you are not an expert in everything and there might come a time when you have to write about something that makes no sense to you. I know this because I have faced this situation many times but I tackled it with proper research. Take my example, I had to write articles for a website that primarily deals with tiles, home décor, sanitation and flooring. I literally had no idea whatsoever about these things but then I did a thorough research and by my estimates I visited around 50+ different websites to get the gist of it. Then I had everything I needed to start writing.

First Write Down Whatever Comes To Your Mind

In the 4 years I have been writing I have found that it is always a good idea to write whatever comes to your mind. Simply keep writing and don’t stop to make changes and don’t try to brush up the content just yet. Once you have written down for the first time, consider that an initial draft. Go through it again and then brush up whatever you can. Add more details and remove redundant text, make your content meaningful, something that helps your reader in some way.

Meaningful Content Is The Key

I have heard many people complain that they write unique articles but they don’t get the audience they desire. The simple answer to all their concerns is that the content should always be meaningful and helpful to your audience. Writing stuff that has no meaning to anyone wouldn’t do you any good and the audience will lose its interest from the very first paragraph. What I recommend is “Be Yourself” when you write, this will make your content unique and the audience will get a newer perspective on the topic you are writing about.

Use Simple Sentences And Words

Good content writers usually have a huge vocabulary of words that they can use to make their content more attractive but what I have felt is that “Simpler is better”. Ofcourse you can use those big words like adulation, camaraderie, enervating, perfidious and spurious. These words might make your content look attractive but it will have a bad impact on your general audience. They will have to read through your article while searching for the meaning of the words at the same time. My advice is simple, when you are writing always take into consideration the general audience.


Last but definitely not the least is proofreading your work. We are humans and we tend to make mistakes, even the veteran content writer proofread their work. During proofreading you can correct the spelling/grammar mistakes and give a final touch to your content. There are tons of other tips and tricks that you can use to make your content more desirable, unique, engaging and interesting. I will surly discuss them in the later blog posts but for now, follow these simple tricks to create good content. For more awesome information explore the 4DGraphix blog and stay tuned because we’ve got some amazing juicy content for you. Conclusion Good content can attract audience which can be beneficial from a marketing perspective and can help you engage with your audience. But good content doesn’t come easy, it can however be made good by following certain tips. It is important to do the research first and create a mind map of whatever ideas you get. These ideas can later help you create meaningful content for your audience and make sure to use simple sentences to ensure everyone can read them. Most importantly don’t forget to proof-read to ensure your content is professional and good.