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“Catching up with the Competition”

As change is the constant fact in the world and everything changes, so it is cluster clear that we cannot perceive and solve the “changed” issues or surroundings with the same prospects or solution.

So, here comes the “trend” and the “user experience” that can be changed according to the available datum and “changes”. Consequently, this is the role of the visual aids and to be specific, it is the role of “Design” and how it can turn the “user experience”.

“Thinking Design” is the only way. It can direct the users and shade the light on certain products or behavior. Let’s see the steps that any designers shall take it into consideration to create an innovative design:

  • Not making Assumptions: The main duty of the designer is to observe and understand the problems to be able to deliver a suitable solution that suits the changed surroundings,
  • Observation and Collecting Data: This means trying to identify the main problem via collecting the needed information which will help you in finding the suitable solutions or ways to enhance the user experience according to the surrounding changes,
  • Discussions and Testing: After deciding a certain solution (design/ visual aid), you have to discuss it to identify the main purpose of the applied “idea” and how it will be beneficial, then testing it.

Design Thinking is a vital approach that shall be abided to enhance and develop the user experience because of the constant changes, as visual aids are the essence nowadays.