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Yup, as you heard and read just right now. It is “Hygge”. Hygge is a Danish word that can be explained as a status of happiness, safety, tranquility, and comfort.

So, from a business point of you, how to make your visual design a “Hygge” one to attract the target audience?

Actually to do so, there are certain elements or factors that shall be taken into consideration. Let’s see:

  • If we are going to link Hygge with the interior design, we can mention that wooden objects, natural scenes, flowers, etc., can add a magical touch of tranquility to the design,
  • If we are going to link Hygge with the “abstract” meaning and feeling of “happiness”, we can say that it is all about candles, chocolate, music, etc.

So now, as a visual designer, you know how to make your design a “Hygge” attractive one.