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Recently, Facebook has revealed a new ad feature that might make it a great competitor for Amazon, it’s “Facebook Marketplace”.

How does it work? And how your business can benefit from such new feature?

Below, ICONS is going to tackle these details.

Facebook Marketplace, How does it work?

Well, it’s simple and easy, all you need to do is tapping on the marketplace icon and it’ll directly take you to Marketplace where you can do your shopping while your stay at home.

The great thing is that you can filter the results by your location and the expected price you can afford.

Whenever you find the thing you’re looking for, click on it and such information must be shown: A clear description regarding the product, the seller name and photo, his number, the location and the price. After that, you can easily contact the seller privately by sending him a message.

So, How Can You Spread Brand Awareness Using Facebook Marketplace?

It’s all about putting offers that grab the attention of the people who are looking for your products.

So, to build trust with your customers you need to be clear and trustworthy and the first step to do this is:

  • Post real photo of the product,
  • Attach it to a detailed description,
  • Write down your real name and number,
  • List the store name,
  • Put an accurate location of your store or company,
  • Write the real price and don’t try to make any tricks regarding this step.

Maybe this new feature is the cure of Facebook latest updates that make it difficult for you to reach your customers without using paid ads.