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As a business owner or a digital marketer, you ought to be conversant with the different types of Facebook Ads Objectives and know which type fits your or your client's needs.

So in the following, ICONS will tackle some of the most used Facebook Ads Objectives:

Brand Awareness:

If you aim to spread awareness regarding your brand, make it a memorable one, and entice the audience to know more about it. Then, it’s the Brand Awareness Objective that will fulfill your desires. (It all depends on the quality of the content you provide).

Post Engagement:

If your goal was to increase the engagement on the posts you share, the post engagement Ad will get it. The ad will be attached with (like, comment, share) buttons with a big (Like Page) button on the top which pushes the audience to engage with the post.

Lead Generation:

The lead generation ad objective is to urge the users to fill out a form in order to claim a promotion or an offer you’re providing, in this case, you need a strong call-to-action that motivates your audience to click on the form and fill it.

Page Likes:

If you’re willing to increase the number of your page likes, then use the page likes ad to expand your page organic reach as users who will like your page will be able to view your organic content and engage with it.

Else, in this type of ads, you can add a (Like Page) button on the upper side of the post.

To Sum Up..

There are numerous types of Facebook ads that you can use for numerous objectives. Above, ICONS has tackled some of these objectives so you can choose the ad that meets your needs.


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