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The teaser campaign is one of the most successful types of campaigns which has got used frequently recently due to its effective impact as it teases the audience to search for the purpose of the campaign and what product or service it’s marketing for. Teaser campaign depends on tackling the features of the product, the logo or the slogan in case it was mysterious, etc. without showing the real provided product or service.

How to Make an Effective Teaser Campaign?

  • Highlight one of the most prominent features of that product or service,
  • Define the type of ad you’re going to provide whether it was just a mysterious photo that doesn’t show as much as it hides, a video that presents the product features or –the logo or the slogan of the product in case it wasn’t very known yet-
  • Choose the platforms or the channels that you’re going to use for your teaser campaign whether it was online (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) or offline (TV ads, banners, etc.),

Examples of Successful Teaser Campaigns:


The radio station NRJ FM has used such type of campaigns to announce that they’re coming to Egypt,

Awareness of Smoking:

Would you like to die? Are you trying to suicide? The billboards were full of these questions what aroused great controversy in the streets before revealing that the goal of the campaigns was to raise awareness of the smoking danger,

Banque Misr:

Banque Misr used “Talaat Harb Returns” as their campaign slogan what makes people wonder till they declared that its goal was to market for the real estate investment fund,

We Telecom Network:

People woke up one day to find the most billboards in the street showing the logo of the new network attached to phrases like (we’re the most who know you, we’re the closest ones to you) and from here people start wondering regarding the owner of this campaign.

To sum up..

The teaser campaign is a successful way of marketing if used well. Above, ICONS provided some examples of the effective teaser campaigns.