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If you’re stuck between using AdWords and paying for ads or doing your SEO appropriately for free, then, you absolutely need to read this article.

Here, ICONS will show you why you need to pay for Adwords to start playing in the competition.

Why Using AdWords While There’s SEO?

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Well, first of all, we need to admit it that Using Adwords is much easier and faster than SEO, as depending only on SEO will require a lot of time to appear in the search engine results page “SERPs” regardless the number of words you’ve created and the quality of the content you’re providing. We’re not saying that it doesn’t count of course it does but, it’s how things work while you don’t pay for ads you can’t guarantee that things will work soon.


If you’re willing to fit in the competition, then, you need to implement the same used approach your competitors are using and in this case, it’s Adwords that people use to appear first in the search engine results page “SERPs”. So, Using AdWords is critical in such case.

P.S: Using Adwords Needs Expert.

The non-potential audience clicks will cost you money, that’s why you need to do it right, there’s no room for error. So, if you’re not expert, you need to hire an outsourcing digital marketing agency for Using Adwords.

But, SEO We Can’t Give Up on You!

Saying the above doesn’t mean that we can abandon SEO and depend only upon PPC as in some cases you can only use SEO and in other cases, you’ll use both of them SEO and Adwords together.

So, this article provided by ICONS show some benefits of Using Adwords and why you need to hire an outsourcing digital marketing agency for Adwords.