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What is CRM?

It’s the initial of Customer Relationship Management and it refers to a system that manages and eases the deal between companies and customers, improves the work efficiency and helps sales persons close more deals.

What is the Importance of Using CRM?

  • If at any time, a certain customer needs to deal with a different employee at your company, the new employee will start at where the ex-employee stopped and thanks for the CRM, he will find a detailed information regarding the customer,
  • Customer Relationship Management system improves the customer service as it makes you able to solve your customers’ problems quickly,
  • CRM facilitates the communication between customers and organizations and helps you to reach the customers’ satisfaction.

However, you can either purchase a standard CRM or a custom one.

Which is better and why? Here’s what you need to know..

  • By using a customized CRM you can define the functions you need to end your deals as you need a CRM that fits your specific business not to adjust your business to fit the CRM. Otherwise, the standard CRM includes a number of functions and features that may not be applicable to your business,
  • Customized CRM, unlike the standard one, makes you create your own workflow and thus your employees will find it easier to use a CRM that they are familiar with,
  • As for generating the reports, with a customized CRM, you can define what kind of reports to be generated, how to filter the reports whether by the employee name, the company name, a date range, etc.

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