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CRM is your gate to increase your business profit and SIMPLE CRM is your path through that success.

Whatever your company business filed is, if it requires you to deal with customers then, you no doubt need to start using our SIMPLE CRM -if you’re willing to enhance your customer experience- not just that, as SIMPLE CRM also is crucial to smooth your company internal workflow processes.

So, it’s a double-edged sword. You can use it to improve the customer experience and at the same time to improve your internal workflow.

SIMPLE CRM Improves Customer Experience, How?

  • SIMPLE CRM is ready to be integrated with social channels such as Facebook, Instagram and any third-party app such as website and mobile app what gives your business a presence on social channels and helps you connect faster with your leads and the audience who showed interest regarding your business.
  • SIMPLE CRM sends a mail to the sales reps and the customer service agents to remind them of their upcoming meetings and follow-ups what eliminates the possibility of forgetting such crucial tasks.

SIMPLE CRM Enhances Business Internal Workflow, How?

  • The dashboard enables you to view your business status, how it’s running and the performance of your business workflow what makes you able to know what needs improvement and what doesn’t based on the dashboard results.
  • Our SIMPLE CRM is a custom CRM so you can adapt it to support your business strategy. In addition to that, it helps in categorizing your leads so your sales can set priorities to the high-quality leads that should be contacted first as they are likely to increase the revenue what helps to improve the sales productivity.

Not just that, SIMPLE CRM has more features that you need to know.

Stay Tuned to more of our outstanding SIMPLE CRM features.