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Who uses CRM? And who should use CRM?

Here, ICONS provides a list of industries that use CRM and if your industry is included in the list but you still not using CRM yet. You’re far away from your competitors. However, it’s OK you still have time to boost your sales and enhance your business.

Industries that Use CRM:


Retails business is based on sale processes whether they’re selling goods or services and CRM is a software that enhances and increases the sales. That’s why the retail industry is one of the industries that use CRM the most.

Retails that use CRM noticed a great achievement in their sales indicators as by using the software they could reach their customers’ satisfaction.

Real Estate:

Real estate industries contain huge sales teams this is why it’s included in the industries that use CRM the most and such industry benefit from the CRM the most as well.

However, the process of ending a real estate deal takes time, requires a follow-up module and notes regarding the client status, which is available in the CRM software.

Customer Service:

Customer service companies supposed to enhance customers experience, meet their needs and exceed their expectations. So, they’re one of the industries that use CRM the most as it enables them to keep track of their customers needs and let the supervisors keep track of the agents’ attitude towards the customers and measure the customers’ satisfaction.


E-commerce industries need CRM to monitor their sales processes as it helps to give the customer the greatest experience by responding fast on their orders and by improving the delivery process and such processes are the key elements of any e-commerce business.


The manufacturing industry is one of the industries that use CRM in order to forecast their customers’ needs and meet it as CRM reports give accurate insights regarding the customers’ behaviors and needs' what keeps them always a step forward their customers' demands.

Above, ICONS provided a list of 5 industries that use CRM the most. So, if you’re on the list, it’s time to be professional.